Anamai Bonjour - New Arrivals Collection 2019

Anamai Collection

Comfort in every costume

Let the weekends of her gentle and captivating products come from Anamai Bonjour

Bonjour Collection

Mobility is not afraid of anxiety

Launch new Week – thanks to "underwear " softness. Modern girls are proud of her set, proudly and much confidence. The beautiful interior and the suit she not only brings comfort, confidence but also protects her own health

Bonjour Collection

Launch New Day Crystal

Fashion wearing home today is not only comfortable, pleasant but also have to be trending and reflect the ego of the wearer. Catching up with the trend, capturing the psychology of girls, Anamai Bonjour gives birth to the most trendy designs and colors present.

Anamai Collection

Sexy forever

Hot sunny weather girls can be immersed in the blue waters with the swimsuit designed to hug the body and celebrate the three enchanting loops of Anamai Bonjour dedicated to her

French Female Apparel Development Company Limited, abbreviated as “F.L.D Vietnam”, is proud to be a member of An Phuoc Group, and is one of the reputable companies specializing in manufacture of underwear in Vietnam. FLD obtains and understands customers'desire by always updating, improving our products and distributing products with the best prices and quality.



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